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All gifts received and processed by July 14, 2014 will count towards the 67th Roll Call.

The most commonly asked question about Roll Call is Where does the money go?

  • Hands-on experience for students
  • Groundbreaking efforts that can save lives and improve our world.
  • Scholarships for exceptional students.
  • World-class instruction and curriculum.
  • Student life programs and initiatives, such as those available at the Campus Recreation Center.
  • The purchase and development of Technology Square, which transformed Tech’s campus.

These are just a few examples of where Roll Call funds are utilized, and their significant impact at Georgia Tech. Gifts to Roll Call benefit virtually every one of Tech’s academic programs.

There are many reasons why annual giving is so important to Georgia Tech but two stand out. First, annual giving money is unrestricted, which means your gift can go directly to the bottom line to better serve students, address unexpected issues, and capitalize on breaking opportunities. Second, annual giving is just that – annual. By making Roll Call contributions year to year, alumni and friends provide a vital and necessary stream of academic and student support.

Make a Gift Today

  • Pledge or give by phone – contact Gerri Elder, donor relations manager, Roll Call, at 404-894-0756 or 1-800-GT-ALUMS.
  • Give by mail – mail your check made payable to the Georgia Tech Foundation to:

Annual Roll Call
190 North Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30313

Match Your Gift
If your company matches your gift you will receive credit for both your gift and the company’s match. See if your company is a part of our matching gift program. For additional information, contact Stacey Hartmann, matching gift coordinator, Roll Call, at 404-894-0782.

Buy Back Program
Roll Call’s Buy Back Program gives Tech alums the unique opportunity to buy back missed Roll Call years to update their consecutive years of giving. Missed Roll Call years since graduation are $100 per year – while the cost for buying back missed student years is $25 per year. You even earn one athletic point for each consecutive year of Roll Call giving. For additional information, please contact Gerri Elder, donor relations manager, Roll Call, at 404-894-0756.

Faculty/Staff Support
As an employee of Georgia Tech, you have the privilege of designating your Roll Call gift to a specific department or program through the Faculty/Staff Fund. View the faculty/staff designation codes and make a gift online or print a copy of the Faculty/Staff form and mail it with your gift. For additional information, please contact Gerri Elder, donor relations manager, Roll Call, at 404-894-0756.

See Who Has Given
Thank you to the generous donors listed here who have made a gift to this year’s Roll Call. Make your gift today

Leadership Giving
Leadership Circle members are instrumental in providing the resources necessary to make the difference between programs of average quality and those that are truly outstanding. This select group of men and women establish the future of Georgia Tech.

Golden Givers
With more than 50 years consecutive giving, our Golden Givers display an amazing commitment to Georgia Tech.

For additional information, contact Gerri Elder, donor relations manager, Roll Call, at 404-894-0756.