The Alumni Wreck is a 1931 model A Ford convertible roadster with a rumble seat. The Alumni Association acquired it from an Atlanta collector in 1988, and restored the car in 1994. Painted on both doors in Tech’s “gold and white” are the “GT” emblems with the words “Alumni Association” underneath.

If you would like to see the Alumni Ramblin’ Wreck at your next event, please fill out our wreck appearance request form and be sure to read through the following guidelines.

Alumni Ramblin’ Wreck Appearance Guidelines

  • Please keep in mind that there is a possibility of last minute cancellations due to inclement weather or mechanical difficulties. It is advised that you have a back up plan if needed.
  • The rental fee must be paid in advance to guarantee reservation. If paying by check, the check will not be deposited until after the event. Payment may also be made by credit card, and credit card will not be charged until after the event.
  • The ride will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes and no more than 5 driving miles one way between destinations.
  • The Wreck can transport 2 people in the rumble seat and one passenger in the front seat, along with the driver which is scheduled for your event.
  • The Wreck may appear at your function for a period not to exceed three hours. Any extension of time must be agreed upon prior to the event by the driver.
  • During the appearance, the Wreck may be kept on display, given safe and dignified environs, and made available for photographs.
  • The driver will have the only and final decision as the appropriateness of any appearance or activity including, but not limited to, the place of display, routes for rides, and lengths of rides.
  • There will be no Sunday appearances.
  • Rental fees begin at $600.00, and price increments are determined by the mileage from campus to the event, as well as other factors surrounding the event which may be outside the aforementioned limitations. Pricing will be confirmed at the time a contract is signed.

The Alumni Association is NOT responsible for last minute cancellations due to poor weather conditions or mechanical difficulties. In the event of a last minute cancellation, any deposit or payments will be refunded. Please note, this in NOT the “original” wreck used by the Ramblin’ Reck Club.