Georgia Tech offers a unique experience for each student. As such, there are many different ways for the Alumni Association to foster these connections. We currently support several alumni groups formed because of a common interest from their Tech experience. Each group’s mission reflects a desire to connect alumni as well as support the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

Women Alumnae Network
The Women Alumnae Network is made exclusively of Georgia Tech alumnae who connect with fellow women graduates for career and personal growth opportunities. The group meets quarterly at the Georgia Tech Alumni Association for networking activities and to hear educational speakers. Visit the WAN Web page to learn more.

Greek Alumni Council
Greek alumni are some of the most loyal and dedicated graduates of the Institute. The Greek Alumni Council provides an opportunity for Greek alumni to support student chapters through sharing best practices, networking with alumni and advocacy. Learn more about the Greek Alumni Council by contacting Len Contardo, vice president, Alumni Outreach, at 404-894-9275.

Georgia Tech Pride Alumni
Georgia Tech Pride Alumni (GTPA) is a community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and supportive Tech alumni, faculty and staff. GTPA focuses on connecting LGBT alumni, supporting current students in their professional development, and engaging in service towards Georgia Tech and the broader community. Learn more about the GTPA by emailing,


Georgia Tech Black Alumni Organization
Since 2005, the GTBAO has helped promote and facilitate the engagement of Black Alumni with the Alumni Association and the Institute through professional and social networking, recruitment and retention, student relations, preservation of Georgia Tech Black history, and Roll Call. For further information, contact president, Lee Baker.

Hispanic Alumni Network
Created in 2001, the Georgia Tech Hispanic Alumni Network (GTHAN) facilitates the engagement of Hispanic alumni with the Alumni Association and the Institute while working to enhance the experience of current Tech Hispanic students. For more information, contact Alejandro Suarez.

Asian Heritage Alumni
The Georgia Tech Asian Heritage Alumni (GTAHA) is a community consisting of alumni, faculty and staff, students, and friends of various backgrounds. GTAHA seeks to reconnect Asian alumni and to give back to the next generation of Asian students at Tech. To learn more, please contact Elysia Hwang.


Georgia Tech Lacrosse
The Georgia Tech Lacrosse promotes and supports the undergraduate lacrosse teams within the greater Georgia Tech community. For further information, contact Ken Lovic.

GT Crew Affinity Group
The GT Crew Affinity Group promotes and facilitates the networking on GT Crew alumni, affiliated students, friends, faculty and staff. In addition to supporting the undergraduate crew team, the group helps create new programs to engage members with the Tech community and GT Crew.

Georgia Tech Equestrian Society
The Georgia Tech Equestrian Society engages alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends with an interest in equestrian activities. The group also works to ensure a continued equestrian presence on the Georgia Tech campus. For more information, contact president Erika Larson.


Automotive Design & Technology Affinity Group
The Automotive Design & Technology Affinity Group nurtures the passion, appreciation, and study of the automobile and related technologies within the Georgia Tech community. The group welcomes all alumni with an interest – personal or professional – in the design, engineering, manufacturing and enjoyment of automobiles and similar vehicles. Contact Dave Lynn for more information.

Co-op Affinity Group
The Co-op Affinity Group provides alumni who participated in the co-op program a way to connect back to Tech and to share experiences and mentor current/prospective co-op students. For more information, contact Keith Holling.

Georgia Tech Band Alumni
Founded in 1979, this group of more than 1,400 alumni is proud to be a part of Georgia Tech’s Homecoming activities each year. GTBAA connects alumni with current Band activities. For more information, contact Kathryn Pierce.

Georgia Tech Choral Alumni Network Organization
Georgia Tech Choral Alumni Network Organization (GT CANTO) reunites choral alumni and helps support current choral groups at Georgia Tech. For more information, please contact Ronald Shultis


Computing Alumni Organization
Initially formed within the College of Computing, the Computing Alumni Organization (GTCAO) connects alumni of various computing fields to support Tech’s future in computing. Formally chartered as an affinity group in 2005, the organization assists past, current, and future students in computing through social and professional networking, student recruiting, and alumni participation.

Georgia Tech Bar Association
The Georgia Tech Bar Association supports Tech alumni and students who perform legal services or are considering a career change to the legal field. All levels of seniority are represented in the membership, from general counsels of large corporations to undergraduate students.

Georgia Tech Health Professionals
The Health Professionals group engages alumni involved in the health care industry through networking, recruitment, retention, student relations and mentoring. For more information regarding HPAG, email

Georgia Tech Capitol Jackets
Created in 1985, the Network builds relationships with state decision makers in order to develop greater appreciation and support for Georgia Tech. For more information, contact Dene Sheheane, director of government relations, at 404-894-1238.

International Affairs Alumni
The INTA Alumni Network supports the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs with education, research and public service. In addition, the Network helps create and promote mutually beneficial relationships among the School, its alumni and the Georgia Tech community. For further information, contact Anthony Gallego.

MBA Jackets
The MBA Jackets is a network of all Georgia Tech alumni and friends with an MBA. Alumni with MBAs from other universities are also welcomed to join. MBA Jackets helps alumni expand their network and access a wealth of resources. For more information, contact

Military Affinity Group
Since 2006, the Georgia Tech Military Affinity Group (GTMAG) helped promote and engage military affiliated faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and students. For more information, contact the GTMAG executive board.

The Georgia Tech Aviation Affinity Group (GTAAG).
GTAAG is organized to promote and facilitate the engagement of Aviation Affiliated Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Employers, Friends, and Students with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and the Institute as a whole. Aviation affiliation includes but is not limited to those who have participated in or wish to promote an interest in flying. For more information about the group, please contact Tina Heil at

GT Entertainment Network
GT Entertainment Network recognizes Georgia Tech alumni and friends in the entertainment, arts, media, and video gaming communities. Chartered in 2011, this group is for professionals and those interested in the industries of Entertainment (Film, Television, Sports, Radio), Video Gaming, Arts (Music, Theatre, Dance, Fashion, Visual Photography, Graphic Design) and Media (Print, New, Interactive, Digital, Marketing/Advertising, Public Relations). For more information about the group, please contact Drea Lewis at

Georgia Tech Commercial Real Estate Organization
The Georgia Tech Commercial Real Estate Organization (GTCRE) connects Georgia Tech Commercial Real Estate professionals and provides education and information exchange opportunities. The Georgia Tech Commercial Real Estate Organization includes alumni that have participated in commercial real estate brokerage, development and design. The group promotes integration, communication and collaboration of disciplines (ie. Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Management). Anyone interested please contact David Cole at

Georgia Tech College of Architecture Affinity Group
An official organization of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and the College of Architecture, the Georgia Tech College of Architecture Affinity Group’s mission is to grow and support a lively network of alumni, friends, faculty, and students. Join us at an upcoming meeting or social!

For additional information regarding Georgia Tech Affinity Groups, contact Debra Thompson, senior manager, Affinity Groups, at 404-894-0779.