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NCAA Preserves Football Record
NCAA Preserves Football Record

An NCAA committee ruled that Georgia Tech can keep the results of past football games, but must still forfeit scholarships through the 2006 and 2007 academic years.

The committee overturned a penalty that would have required Tech to wipe six seasons from the record books. The ruling allows the Yellow Jackets to keep the 1998 ACC football championship title it shares with Florida State as well as its bowl appearances.

The violations and penalties involve the improper certification of student athletes due to an inadvertent misapplication of NCAA eligibility certification rules by Athletic Association and Institute staff members.

The NCAA committee on Infractions announced its sanctions last November. In January, Tech appealed the severity of the penalties. Tech originally self-imposed penalties to reduce the number of initial football scholarship players by six for the 2005 and 2006 academic years.

The Committee on Infractions imposed additional penalties limiting the Institute to 79 scholarship players.

President Wayne Clough says Tech accepts the findings of the appeals committee. "We are particularly appreciative that the committee determined that the football team's records should stand. I am personally pleased that we are now able to close this issue and put it behind us," he says.

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