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Exercise Trail Honors Tyler Brown
Rhyme Over Reason

Map of trail

A 3.14-mile running trail that wends its way through campus will be dedicated on April 7 as the Tyler Brown Pi-Mile Trail in honor of the young man whose vision led to its creation.

Brown, Mgt 01, HTS 01, was killed in action in Iraq on Sept. 14. He served as SGA president during the 1999-2000 academic year and one of his visions for the campus was an easily accessible, well-lit exercise trail.

"This was one of Tylerís major initiatives when he was student body president. He was the seed planter for making this happen," Dean of Students Gail DiSabatino said. "Tyler used to run at 4 or 5 oíclock in the morning for ROTC and he thought it would be great if students and faculty and visitors had a well-planned-out trail that was well-lit they knew they could go to for exercise."

After Brown graduated, the next student body president, Nate Watson, PubPol 04, EAS 04, pushed for the implementation of the plan.

The 3.14-mile trail has starting markers at north, south, east and west points on campus with maps identifying the trail. Disc-shaped markers in the ground along the trail keep walkers and runners on track, DiSabatino said.

"All of the plans for the trail were complete except for the actual implementation, and at the time of Tylerís death a lot of young alumni came forward and said they wanted to do something to remember him because he had such an impact on the campus," she said. "They remembered the idea of the trail and they really wanted it to happen."

Because plans were already in place to build the trail, DiSabatino went to the campus naming committee with the request that the trail be named for Brown and the request was approved.

The trail was completed in December.

Brown, a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army, was the son of Alumni Association chairman Carey Brown, IE 69, and his wife, Sally, and brother of Brent Brown, Mgt 96.

The dedication ceremony for the trail will be held at 2 p.m. on April 7 in the main lobby of the Campus Recreation Center at 750 Ferst Drive. To attend the event, please e-mail

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