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Sport Parachute Club Lands National Championship
Management Student Crowned Miss Georgia USA

Sport Parachute Club Lands National Championship
 Sport Parachute Club Lands National Championship

The Georgia Tech Sport Parachute Club beat the Air Force Academy at the National Collegiate Skydiving Championships in Lake Wales, Fla., in late December to become the first nonmilitary school to win in almost a decade.

In the four-way formation skydiving competition, the GT Inviscid team won first place with 63 points over four rounds, 21 points ahead of the second-place team. Inviscid — a scientific adjective meaning "fluid perfection" — also set a new collegiate record for the most number of points in a single round — 24.

"We formed GT Inviscid two years ago with the sole purpose of winning the Collegiates," said Allison Yasitis, president of the club. "We worked exceptionally hard, so it was an amazing experience to be able to perform so well and accomplish our goal."

In two-way competition, the GT Sol team tied for second place while GT Coalescent also performed well, recording the highest score in the third round with a 9.

Teams jumped from an altitude of 10,500 feet and were required to make as many formations as possible before deploying their parachutes. A point was awarded for every formation properly made within the 30 to 35 seconds of freefall.

Three club members competed in the sport accuracy event in which competitors try to land as close to the center of a target without missing their marks.

Brian Timberlake finished in first place and Jonathan Bartlett finished in second place. Becky Murray also competed and finished the accuracy event with high marks. Overall, Tech teams landed five gold and three silver medals in the skydiving meet.

Management Student Crowned Miss Georgia USA
 Management Student Crowned Miss Georgia USA

Georgia Tech management senior Caroline Medley became interested in the Miss Georgia USA pageant after reading an article about Miss USA 2001 Tiffany Fallon, who is also from Atlanta.

"I liked the Miss Georgia USA pageant because it is not about you fitting into the title, it's about how the title can help you reach your goals and dreams, so I decided I would try," Medley said. "I saw how it could open up so many doors and opportunities."

Medley was crowned Miss Georgia USA 2004 in November.

As a junior in high school in 1995, she won the title of Miss North Gwinnett High School. While studying at Tech, Medley was more interested in designing Web sites than fashion designs, but she didn't let her pageant inexperience stop her.

"At first it was a little overwhelming because everyone in the pageants was at such a high level of experience. They had everything in place from gowns to makeup to talent, but it comes down to small factors," Medley said. "I think being a student at Tech set me apart even though I had a lot more to do to prepare and I had to deal with the nervousness of being in a pageant for the first time."

Her top six showing in the 2003 Miss Georgia USA pageant motivated her to try again for 2004, her last chance to win as she approached the maximum age for contestants. Medley, who turned 26 after winning the crown, would have been ineligible for the 2005 title.

After completing spring semester 2002, Medley took a full-time job as Internet sales and Web site director for a Mercedes-Benz dealer to earn money for school. Winning the Miss Georgia USA pageant delayed her return to classes, but earning a degree at Tech is still at the top of Medley's to-do list. She is only 18 hours from completing her course work.

"I definitely want to finish my degree. My experiences at Tech really have been to my advantage all the way around."

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