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Vol. 35, No. 1, Fall 1998

Bobby Dews: A Signal Success
Atlanta Braves' third-base coach Bobby Dews teaches persistence by example.

Burdell's Believe It or Not
A suprising number of Tech athletes have gone on to fame and fortune in the pros... and three of them play for the Boston Red Sox.

Man with a Plan
52nd Roll Call vice president Bob Hall is a "results-oriented" leader of many volunteers.

Hold That Train!
Millie Thomas, CE'35, recalls his Tech days: baseball, Bobby Dodd and a secret wedding stand out.

Views from the Edge
Craig Cochran captures stark images in the "serious pastime" of photography.

Training in "Life Skills"
Carole Moore is preparing athletes to excel in the classroom and real world.

Millions for Tech
A trio of alumni earmark gift to help Tech achieve prominence.

Special Section: Ship 'recked at Tech
On the 75th anniversary of the event, Homecoming '98 promises even greater adventure, excitement and good times.Georgia, for which Georgia Tech gets a lot of credit.

Leap of Faith
Fearless Foursome forsake corporate world to pursue skidiving dream.

Crusading Volunteer
Ken Kirk helps lead Rotary International's drive to eradicate polio.

Big Chicken: No Eggs Laid
A Georgia Tech architect hatched an enduring and endearing landmark.

A Lasting Legacy
UNCC's James Woodward is building the next great research university.

Sting Time
Depth, experience make the Jackets optimistic on offense, but a revamped defense may determine who gets stung in '98.

Looking for a Job?
The Internet provides numerous avenues for research and references.

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